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Maintenance Agreement

Terms and Conditions:

Normal Repair and Service

                1.       AMTEL will provide corrective maintenance or repair during regular business hours

                          from 9AM to 5PM, Monday to Friday.

Major System Failure

                    2.       Emergency service is provided for such cases on a 24 hours bases.  In the unlikely

                          event of a major system failure, AMTEL will provide service as and when required

                          at no additional cost to the customer within 2 hours.

Normal Service Response

                3.       The response time for normal service, or a minor repair call is within 24 hours.

                          If the call is received in the afternoon, response will be the following day.

Emergency Service Response

                4.       Additional equipment added to the system will automatically be included in

                          the agreement at an additional charge based on then applicable rates of AMTEL.

                5.       The Service provided by AMTEL will not include or cover labour or material

                          necessary to repair damage to equipment caused by negligence, accident,

                          abuse acts of third parties or any force of nature or for any damage for which

                          there is insurance coverage under any lease signed by the owner.

                6.       Delays in service or maintenance will be excused by acts of God, riots, Civil

                          commotion, war, strikes, or any other circumstances beyond the reasonable

                      control of AMTEL.

                7.       The purchaser agrees not to permit any other authorized personnel to repair,

                          make additions, to remove from, or perform maintenance functions on the

                          system without prior written permission from AMTEL which consent shall not

                          be reasonably withheld.

                8.       This agreement is not transferable, or assignable by the purchaser without

                          the written consent of AMTEL, which consent shall not be reasonably withheld.

                    Should You Prefer to Pay for Service On A Per Call Basis Our Current Rates Are:

                Regular Rates:        $85.00/Hour        Minimum 1 hour


               Emergency Rates:   Monday to Friday 9:00AM to 5:00 PM   

                                           Response within 2 hours

                                           $120.00/Hour      Minimum 1 hour


                Emergency Rates:    Response within 2 hours

                (After Hours)          $120.00/hr        Minimum 3 hours




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Last modified: 05/31/05