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Programming Date and Time on 308, 616 and 8X24 KSU

A programming template is provided below if you need it.   Cut out the template and place over the top 2 rows of buttons on your 7310 or 7324 telephone (typically lines 1 and 2 on your telephone), or the 8 rows on your 7208 telephone.  Print this page, cut out the middle white area with a utility knife and then cut around the outside box.  After you're done cutting, place the template over the top 2 rows on your M7310 or M7324 telephone or the 8 rows on your M7208 telephone.

Template for M7208                                                    Template for M7310/M7324




*308 and 616 can be programmed with any Norstar Telephone

**8x24 can only be programmed with M7310 or a M7324



1) Press Feature **23646

2) Password: 23646

3) Display shows 1.Sys Speed Dial

4) Press Next Display shows 2.Names

5) Press Next Display Shows 3.Time and Date

6) Press Show Display Shows Time

7) Under the display, press Change to change Time, Next to change Date

8) To Confirm Changes Press Next button

9) When Done, Press Release to exit


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Last modified: 05/31/05